Thursday, March 24, 2011

International iPad 2 Release Date Shipping Delays

The international iPad 2 release date, March 25, 2011, is now upon us in Australia.  For the countries still awaiting the arrival of the March 25, 2011 iPad 2 release date internationally, it looks like this date will be merely symbolic as reports have it that there are already 2-3 week shipping delays online at Apple's store in Australia.

Update:  It's now confirmed by the screenshot below of what you will find if you go to buy a new iPad 2 online at Apple's store in Australia - "Ships 2-3 weeks".

iPad 2 Release Date Shipping Delays Photo

The iPad 2 release date happened in the beginning of the month in the U.S. and shipping delays are already 4-5 weeks out if you're ordering online today at a U.S Apple store.

Clearly no surprise here, shipping delays, mass mania, and the likes seem to rule the roost these days with new technology gadgets, especially Apple products (iPad and iPhone).

If you're looking to buy a new iPad 2, hurry up and wait!

BlackBerry Playbook Release Date

RIM's New BlackBerry Tablet

April 19, 2011 definitely appears to be the BlackBerry Playbook release date.  In addition to Staples and Office Depot, it now also looks like OfficeMax (barring any last minute production or supply delays) will be carrying, and have available on the Playbook launch date, the Wi-Fi models - 16GB ($500), 32GB ($600), and 64GB ($700) storage sizes.

"The new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be available for purchase on April 19, 2011 ....

'We are excited to expand our tablet computer selection by adding the much-anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook to the mix,' said Ryan Vero, EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer for OfficeMax. 'The BlackBerry brand is synonymous with ingenuity and world-class innovation and the BlackBerry PlayBook is no exception. The new BlackBerry tablet is being lauded by critics for its ultra-portable design, enterprise friendly set-up, and uncompromised Web experience. We believe customers who are in the market for a tablet computer will be happy to know that they can test drive and buy a new BlackBerry PlayBook at any OfficeMax retail location.'"

If you're not already familiar with RIM's new BlackBerry Tablet, it looks like it will sport some nice features.  It has a 1GZ dual core processor, a 7" LCD display (1024 x 600), true multitasking capabilities, supports Adobe Flash 10.1, is boasting 10 hours of continual play time, and integrates, in real time, with your BlackBerry Smartphone so contacts, emails, BBM, tasks, and the likes are seamless between both tech gadgets.  All of this will sit on top of a new operating system powered by QNX Neutrino technology.

For a hands on review of the new BlackBerry Playbook, check out the video below to see what's in store for you if the BlackBerry Playbook release date has you itching to add one of these tablets to your growing list of tech gadgets.